A new home for Technical Posts

I’ve decided to take things to the next level and make a whole new site for any Technical posts.  Schueneman.net is an awesome site (and why wouldn’t it be?) but I think something a little more professional was in order for my career related endeavors. Please check it out, comment, pass it on to friends, link to it on Facebook or Google+.  I would love to see that site turn into something useful to others.



As for this page, well it’ll live on for now but expect to see Schueneman.net become my photography home.  Photos.Schueneman.net will probably take over but for now it will still be it’s own sub site.

DHCP Training

Setting up a home lab and getting everyhting to actually work and be a little bit of a pain. Even more sore when you’re not the only one who needs to use the resources on that network… YouTube has actually been an awesome resource for learning how to configure everything. Of course, some clips are better than others but I personally like this series of videos. I’ve only worked with the DHCP clips but I’ll be back for the rest once I find some more free time.


Here’s a link to the whole Server 2008 listing:



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